Hello, my name is Erik Fadiman. I'm an interactive designer and teacher living in Seattle, Washington.

The GalleryResources Fall Quarter

Division: Business and Communications
Curriculum: Graphic Design and Illustration
Course title: Intractive Design II
Course number: DES 252
Credits: 4
Lab hours: 33
Lecture hours: 22
Type of course: Occupational preparatory
Length of course: 11 weeks
Class size: 24
Prerequisites: Successful completion of the program through preceding quarter
Course description: The purpose of this course is to provide students with an introduction to designin for Mobile Devices
Course outcomes: Upon completion of this course the students will:
• Understand the principles of Interactive Design for Phones and Tablets
• Identify the core design skills needed for designing for the mobile user experience
• Know how to construct and optimize graphics for mobile Apps vs. mobile web pages
• Gain a basic understanding of jQuery for Mobile with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5
• Successfully implement a branding and marketig campaign for a mobile app
• Demonstrate a basic understanding of design for Mobile devices
• Summarize and identify the steps in the app development process

Instructor: Erik Fadiman 206.356.2608 E-mail: efadiman@gmail.com

Additional (online) reading will be assigned every week.
Methods of presentation:  A combination of lecture, critique, and online resources
Small groups of students will be asked to discuss course concepts for later presentation to the class as a whole. Students will be asked to present and discuss their work in font of the class, as well as participate in class critiques.
ADA conformation: (Americans with Disabilities Act) If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of disability; if you have emergency medical information to share with me; or if need special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated; please make an appointment with me as soon as possible.
Syllabus developed by Erik Fadiman 12/2011




All reading has already been posted to your facebook page. I will add links to the right column each week as the articles become relevant to to our curent topics.

Project #1: Design a Mobile APP

You are an Entrepreneur. You have an idea for a Mobile App which is going to make a lot of money. It needs to have a genuine need, solve a real user problem, have a genuine business model. It can be a game. It can incorporate additional hardware. It can be free, 'freemium', or paid. Either way, it needs to have a real revenue generating model. This could be initial sales, in-app advertising, upgrades or in-app sales, or the sale of additional merchandise. This means you need to be familiar with the cultural paradigm of mobile apps, what a contemporary phone app looks like, as well as the limitations and possibilities within current devices. It can be for the phone or the tablet; It can be for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle or Nook. To effectively communicate what your app does, you should plan on designing a total of at least 10 screens.

There is no coding, you will have 6 weeks to come up with a comprehensive plan to design, market and promote this app. You should have a cohesive branding strategy from the start. While everyone's project will be different, you should consider including: print ads, web ads, a website, a video, blogging, social media, and QR codes.

Finally, you will be competing in a "Startup Competition" where you will be pitching your idea to a group of "Venture Capitalists"; you will be judged not only on your design skills, but on the revenue potential of your idea and your creative solution to promoting it.

Does this mean you should build a website for your App? Produce CMYK files for Print? Set up a Facebook page? Produce a 60 second video? No, but your presentation will be much more convincing if you have a cohesive media strategy with some combination of these or a style guide to their implentation. " ...here's a screen shot of what our website will look like"... "here's a .pdf of our branding campaign and how it varies in print, web and in-store display situations..." "...here's a video walk through of our App..."...here's a diagram of our social media strategy...". You should probaly plan on working in teams of two or three.

If you would prefer an assignment, choose one of the following:

1. Pay by Phone Capitol Hill. The Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce and The Stranger have commissioned an app which encourages everyone to "shop local" and "pay by phone". Demonstrate your understanding of “HyLoMo” (hyper-local mobile). Your challenge is threefold: 1) Get people to download the app 2) Get merchants to accept payments and communicate that they do this. 3) Build an app which is easy and intuitive to use and feels safe and secure for transactions. Realistically, you would need to develop this for all three platforms, but just show proof of concept for 1 (iOS, Android, WIN)

2. Send a postcard. Design an app which selects an image from your Phone's camera or photo library, adds embellishment or filters (ala Intstagram), allows you to add a short message and an address and then lets you upload it where it then gets printed and mailed. Do some research on this and determine a realistic price point for a 'one-off' postcard as well as cost for the app. While there are already apps for this, they all face serious design challenges...you need to create a better one.

3. Supermarket checkout Let's admit it , self-checkout is still a pain...and hasn't alleviated waiting in line. Pick a supermarket chain (Safeway, QFC, Whole Foods, etc). Provide a way for consumers to scan their groceries as the add them to thier cart and pay by phone without going through a register. Find a way to balance "promotional messages (coupons)" and "rewards programs (we'll give you a discount if you stay)" with privacy concerns (We know you like suger free Mountain Dew, so here's 35 cents off). Consider: Shoping lists, Cloud storage, personal history, multiple devices, error handling, theft prevention. See Apple Store EasyPay for guidance.

4. www.ihavemunchies.com/ I Have Munchies is a North Seattle late night home beer, wine, tobacco, snack, candy, dessert, party supplies and food delivery service. Not only do they need design help, but someone must be asking, "Is there an APP for that?"


Week 1: Jan 2/3 (note: no class on Monday)
Subject: Introduction to Mobile Apps

Week 2: Jan 9/10
Subject: Designing for Mobile devices
What's Due? Deliver a brief presentation where you will pitch your business idea, begin user testing...

Week 3: Jan 16/17 (note: no class on Monday)
Subject: Mobile App revenue models
What's Due? User research, rough sketches, beginnings of branding campaign, user testing...

Week 4: Jan 23/23
Subject: Building interactive prototypes with Adobe Fireworks
What's Due? Intial visual design, refined branding campaign, user testing...

Week 5: Jan 30/31
Subject: Marketing and promoting your Mobile App
What's Due? Main screen done, UX finalized

Week 6: Feb 6/7
Subject: Creating Presentations that win business

What's Due? Finalizing secondary screens, finalizing branding and promotion campaign, start pitch to investors

Week 7: Feb 13/14
Subject: Intro to Project 2, working with jQuery Mobile.
What's Due? Final presentation to "venture capitalists" in "startup competition"


Begin Project 2: Mobile Website

The last 4 weeks of the quarter will be spent building a mobile website with jQuery Mobile. This does not mean you will need to learn programming skills. JQM is a javascript framework which allows you to rapidly develop a mobile website

Week 8: Feb 20/21
I'm going skiing! There is no class on Monday and I will be out of town all week, while there is nothing due at this time, you should consider it your rough draft. We will have a guest speaker from Ubermind (Zach Self and/or Joe Brokken. TBD). You should plan on meeting with them todiscuss strategy/planning for your project. You wil receive project #2 descriptions in early February.

Week 9: Feb 27/28
Subject: jQuery Mobile, TBD
What's Due? Mobile website, second draft

Week 10: Mar 5/6

Subject: jQuery Mobile, TBD
What's Due: Mobile website, third draft

Week 11: March 12/13
Subject: jQuery Mobile, TBD
What's Due? Mobile website, final draft

Finals Week: TBA

What's Due? We will keep this open as a possible extension

Grading and Attendance:

Critique begins at 9:00 am. This means your work is ready to go, at 9:00 AM.
Three absences in one class will result in a 0.0 final grade. An absence will be recorded for every two tardies in a class. Students doing other work in a class, unless approved by the instructor, will be considered absent from the class. Participation, professional attitude, performance and attendance are all factors that determine your grade. Assignments are due at the date and time specified. I will not accept late assignments and they will earn a score of "ZERO". I will grant an extension if you notify me before it is due. Assignments late for critique will not be included in the critique of the day.
Status reports and comments on your work will arrive by e-mail, approximately every 2 weeks.